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Sedation dentistry

In cases of invasive and prolonged treatments, patients are recommended to opt for sedation dentistry Kiev. Under its exposure, the patient is induced into shallow sleep where he/she obeys all of the doctor’s commands, but feels no physical or psychological discomfort. The side effects are minimal.

Before surgical treatment.

Confidence in the treatment result and your well-being are the main criterion for us. What should you pay attention to?

Dear patient, if a surgery has been scheduled for you with any type of anaesthetics (surgical sedation), please bring along the following documents:

  • ECG;
  • full blood analysis;
  • information about blood sugar levels.

Points to remember before any operation with surgical sedation:

  • refrain from eating, drinking or smoking at least 6 hours before the procedure;
  • explain your full medical history to your anesthesiologist during the preparatory conversation.

During the first 24 hours after the surgery we would recommend:

  • to remain with people close to you;
  • not to engage in outdoor activities;
  • not to undertake activities that require high levels of attention;
  • not to drink alcohol.