Privacy Policy

Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry LLC (hereinafter – the Clinic) is registered and operates in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Pursuant to the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection, the Clinic undertakes obligations to protect personal data received from our website visitors.

With this Privacy Policy, we inform you about how the Clinic will process personal data, the types of personal data collected, the purpose of using the collected data, security measures to protect personal data and the Clinic’s coordination with third parties regarding personal data.

We also provide you with contact information to address any questions our website visitors may have as personal data owners.

The Clinic does not collect or process personal data related to racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or ideological beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, convictions, and data related to health, sexual life, biometrics or genetic data.

The privacy policy applies to all personal information (personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable) that the Clinic has obtained from our website users.

Personal Data and Personal Information Management

The user’s data (personally identifiable information) is requested only when the visitor clicks the “online appointment” section on the Clinic’s website. After that, name, surname and e-mail address are requested.

Please note that the above information is requested solely to answer your question when applying online, including an appointment with a doctor.

The Clinic is responsible for our website users information storage. Personal data provided by the visitors are hosted on the Clinic’s website.

 Moreover, all Clinic employees are informed about the content of the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection and this Privacy Policy.

The Clinic does not interact with third parties regarding the site visitors’ personal data transfer, except when the site has been used for illegal activities.

Website Traffic Statistics 

The Clinic’s website also collects non-personally identifiable information of the site visitors, namely: internet connection type, traffic, browser, user’s device, and the date, time and duration of stay on the site, pages visited, etc. 

Use of Cookies.

All major browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari for macOS) use cookies in their work. These are small text files placed on the user’s device during site browsing; they can be permanent and deleted only by the user or temporary, i.e. session files deleted after closing a browser.

Cookies will make your time spent on our site more productive and the browsing handier. To be more precise, full-featured browsing of the Clinic’s website is possible only with cookies. In addition, when you use cookies, it allows us to receive information about your preferences and interests regarding your website activity; they are also a tool for tracking fraudulent activities.

Please note that the user can disable cookies in the browser settings at any time. In this case, the Clinic is not responsible for the inaccurate information on our site.

The Clinic also uses Google Analytics to obtain information about site visitors –

Our site also cooperates with Facebook. Some pages have share buttons, allowing you to quickly and easily post the information you liked on our website to your page on Facebook’s social network.

Furthermore, our site uses Facebook pixel. This is a piece of code on a website that allows you to measure the effectiveness, optimize advertising, and create audiences for advertising campaigns. In other words, it helps us to identify your interests and offer you precisely those services that may be of interest to you.

If you have any questions, please, contact us: [email protected].

The Clinic reserves the right to make changes to this Policy, including possible amendments to the effective laws of Ukraine. Therefore, we ask you to occasionally review our Privacy Policy to stay up-to-date with the latest revision.