Galina Matiyuk

Top-level dentist, orthodontist
Galina Matiyuk top-level dentist, orthodontist
Top-level dentist, orthodontist. She graduated from the O. Bogomolets Kyiv Medical University in 1993.She is a full member of Association of Orthodontists and Dentists of Ukraine. Specialist certified in the lingual technique.She carries out:
  • Diagnostics and treatment of occlusion pathologies of removable and non-removable dental fixtures;
  • Dentition alignment, using AGWICE straight arc system and MBT (all types of brackets);
  • Incognito lingual braces;
  • Dental prosthetics with veneers, sintered crowns, metal-free crowns, using zirconium dioxide, IPS IMPRESS, LAVA;
Application of the most advanced technologies (orthodontic implants, elastic positioners). She is a full member of Association of Dentists of Ukraine.She conducts therapeutic and orthopaedic practice. She heard a course of Professor Stephen Williams (Denmark), Professor Clifford Saper (USA), Professor Alexander Winsauer (Israel – «Problem Solving in Orthodonties»).
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Galina Matiyuk
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Galina Matiyuk
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