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Bone graft procedure

The specialists at our clinic frequently employ the three-dimensional planning and navigation implantation procedures, which often makes it possible to use the patient's original bone volume without the need to increase it further. However, in cases of severe jaw bone loss, bone tissue sometimes requires reconstruction.

Due to the risk of infections and allergic reactions, in oral surgery kiev we use the patient's own bone tissue to build up further bone density where required (autograft). We believe that this is the only way to achieve excellent results.

In many cases there is no need for any additional intervention. Often, the necessary bone tissue is created during the implantation process from the bone chips, found in the location of the implant, and these are used to restore the lost bone tissue

If a significant amount of the material is required, we use 3D-planning equipment to identify the bone structure required for the autograft and, using a piezosurgical  tool, create the necessary bone tissue.

We use the latest technological processes to select bone tissues, including engineering of the bone tissue and soft tissue, as well as the development of various growth factors that can be made from the patient's own blood.

Ultrasonic surgery is a type of dental surgical procedures, such as tooth extraction, bone grafting and dental implants. Under the current of ultrasonic waves, hard tissue can be cut without traumatizing any soft tissue.

Centrifuge makes it possible to obtain platelet-enriched (PRF) fibrin, which is an automatrix obtained from a concentrate of platelet in a patient's blood. A simplified manufacturing procedure in a doctor’s office can quickly produce fibrin membranes that do not lose the capacity to stimulate growth of bone and soft tissue. The main feature of this autobiomateriala (PRF) is the slow release of growth factors for 7 days. It promotes rapid healing of wounds.