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Orthopedic rehabilitation is a process of lost teeth or their fragments restoration applying temporary restorations, permanent implant restorations (veneers, inlays, crowns, bridges supported on either natural teeth or implants) and removable restorations (partial and full prostheses, immediate dentures, and bugel prostheses).  

The clinic has developed a methodology for temporary restorations (crowns) manufacture, which can be either provisional or fixed and will be placed immediately after tooth extraction, implantation, and preparation for permanent implant restorations. These crowns are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In order to change the shape and color of the frontal vital (living) teeth, one of the most complicated types of dental prosthetics is used (ceramic overlays for teeth 0.3 - 0.5 mm thick). Veneers (Kyiv) are functionally reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Using a dental microscope for tooth processing before the placement of a veneer, an inlay, a crown greatly increases accuracy and durability.

Ceramic, composite and gold alloy inlays are indicated for loss tissue replacement in the lateral areas.

Crowns either cover a tooth completely or are a part of the implant. The clinic uses all-ceramic crowns and all-ceramic crown frameworks applying CAD / CAM software; gold alloy crowns applying galvanic gold-plating technique and metal-ceramic crowns containing nickel, cobalt, and chromium.

Dentures are recommended as a temporary dental prosthesis or when implantation is not an option.

The clinic cooperates with DentalArt dental laboratory (Germany). Our German partners will help you find the most complicated solutions regarding veneers in Kyiv. Crowns and overdenture restorations manufactured by DentalArt laboratory are always highly aesthetic, reliable and embody the long-standing traditions of German dentistry. 

Phonetic tests

The interconnection of teeth, lips, and tongue contributes to the production of sounds. A dental restoration can cause some degree of speech problems. To determine some functional and aesthetic parameters, our clinic uses phonetic tests, which allow a patient to correct articulation at the stage of temporary restorations manufacturing. Phonetic tests are a reliable tool for assessing aesthetic and functional features and help determine the correct position, crown height, and interalveolar distance.