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Orthopedic rehabilitation is restoration of lost teeth or their fragments using preparatory restorations, non-removable constructions (veneers, tooth bridge kiev, fillings or crowns which can be mounted onto the patient’s own teeth or implants) and removable constructions (partially and completely removable prostheses, immediate prostheses, clasp dental prostheses).

A method of creating preparatory restorations, such as crowns, is available directly in the clinic. These can be removable or non-removable and are available to the clinic’s patients immediately after tooth extraction, implantation and teeth preparation for non-removable orthopedic constructions. Such crowns are very functional and possess a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

In order to change shape and color of vital (living) teeth in frontal area, one of the most complicated kinds of prosthetics, i.e. veneer teeth kiev(ceramic tooth covers of 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness) are used. Veneers are functionally robust and ensure excellent aesthetic result. Use of dental microscope for tooth processing before veneer, insert, or crown application allows to perform the work very precisely, and to reach a long-lasting result.

Ceramic, composite and gold-containing inserts are recommended in case of tooth tissue loss in its lateral parts.

A crown covers a tooth completely or presents an implant’s integral part. The following crowns are used in the clinic: all-ceramic crowns, all-ceramic crowns attached to a core by CAD/CAM method, gold-containing crowns, obtained using galvanic method, and metal-ceramic crowns containing nickel, cobalt, and chrome.

In case implantation is impossible, removable prostheses are used. They are also used as a primary orthopedic construction.

Phonetic tests

Pronunciation has a direct link to coordination between teeth, lips and tongue. Restorations can result in distorted articulation of sounds. To determine certain functional and esthetic parameters, phonetic tests are used in our clinic, which enable our patients to fine-tune his/her diction at the stage of temporary restorations. Phonetic tests are a reliable way to evaluate esthetic and functional indicators, as well as to help determine the right position, height of teeth crowns and interalveolar spaces.