Galina Matiyuk participated in the 5th Session of Association of Ukrainian Orthodontists


On 28-29 October 2016, the 2nd Ukrainian Orthodontic Congress has been organized. In the framework of this event, the 5th session of Ukrainian Association of Orthodontists has taken place.

Participants of the Congress discussed innovative approaches to orthodontic treatment and early prevention.

Galina Matiyuk, an orthodontist of our Clinic, had a chance to hear the reports of the leading international experts about the theory and practice of orthodontics, orthognathic surgery and osteopathy, global trends, and cross-disciplinary approach to orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Allan R. Thom, the President of the World Federation of Orthodontists, focused his presentation on the legal issues, including risks, accountability, and solutions in the orthodontic practice.

Eva Chokhrovskaya, the Ex-President of the European Orthodontic Society, has presented a report titled “Impacted teeth: orthodontic extrusion or trans-alveolar transplantation?” illustrating it with evidence-based cases.

Orthodontics increasingly incorporates other scientific disciplines, and this combination becomes essential for successful treatment. Ilija Rosso (Greece) delivered a report on the occlusion relations as an element of stability in stomatognathic system.

Integration of orthodontics and osteopathy is another rapidly evolving trend. Nowadays, the treatment of joints is increasingly associated with pathology of the bite since occlusion development largely depends on development of skeleton and muscles. This issue was analyzed by Michel Closarde (France) in his presentation “OrthoPostural Dentistry: Neurologic and Postural Concepts.”

Prof. Federico Hernandez Alfaro (Spain) updated the participants about the new trends in ortho-facial surgery.

Prof. Dr. Anup Sondi and dr. Galina Matiyuk
Prof. Dr. Anup Sondi and dr. Galina Matiyuk