“Incognito from A to Z in daily practice”


Orthodontist Galina Matiyuk took part in a course entitled “Incognito from A to Z in the daily practice” given by a clinical consultant of ZM Hungary and the head of the incognito study club Haroutioun Dede DDS.

The lecture focused on the following issues:

  1. Comparison of digital to manual set-up.
  2. Fixation process.
  3. Using different options provided by the Incognito system:
    • Incognito-Life;
    • digital set-up;
    • self-ligating appliance system;
    • occlusal pads;
    • Jusper – jumper.
  4. Biomechanics:
    • mechanics of the dual cable;
    • creating space using the Seniti archform;
    • bowing effect.