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Tooth restoration

Tooth restoration is used in cases of carious and non-carious tooth damage in order to change the shape and colour of teeth. It is also commonly used to treat tooth fractures. The restoration is carried out directly in the oral cavity using composite photopolymer materials.

The perfect smile consists of three components:

1. Straight beautiful teeth.

2. Healthy gums.

3. Unaffected red lip border that highlights whiteness of teeth.

The concept of “straight beautiful teeth” gives only the most general idea of teeth aesthetics. A more precise concept includes the shape of teeth, their colour and transparency.

Restoration is the regeneration and correction of tooth aesthetics and functional parameters using composite materials directly in the oral cavity. This definition distinguishes between teeth restoration and filling. A filling usually only restores functional characteristics of a tooth, whereas restoration allows for the lost tooth tissue to be replenished with material imitating dental enamel, with the ancillary qualities of transparency and colour spectrum.

A filling is a pure dental procedure, whereas restoration combines elements of dental treatment and art. A restored tooth is an artificial tooth which is indistinguishable from a natural tooth by its shape, colour, transparency and shine.

If the tooth doesn’t disturb it doesn’t mean that is fine with it. For example, two incorrect old restorations were changed due to Patient’s complaints and the presence of symptoms of damaging teeth under fillings. As always in such cases,  after removing fillings it becomes clear that pulpitis can start in the nearest time. Teeth were restored with help of modern wear resistant filtek p60 material with recreation of chewing surface and tight contact between them.  The service life of such restoration is from 10 years.