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Professional oral hygiene

Oral and dental hygiene is a preventive measure and can help reduce the risk of developing dental diseases. However, effective prevention effects can only be achieved by complementing home care with professional care.

Professional cleaning is a dental procedure allowing treating visible enamel defects (plaque, stains, tartar), restore and maintain the biologically balanced microflora of the oral cavity. All this is essential for the prevention of tooth decay, periodontal diseases (soft tissues surrounding the tooth), and local immunity strengthening.

Those who need hygienic professional cleaning in Kyiv are welcome to visit our Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry. We will tailor a restorative and therapeutic treatment package, taking into account personal indications.

During a diagnostic examination, a tooth enamel disclosing test (allowing the assessment of the level of dental plaque contamination and measuring the depth of the periodontal pockets) is necessary for an expert choice of oral hygiene products.

Comprehensive hygiene teeth cleaning includes the following procedures:

1. Ultrasonic teeth scaling;

2. The AirFlow stain removal technique;

3. Periodontal cleaning, which involves the root areas (necks of the teeth) polishing by curettes;

4. Final teeth cleaning applying various professional toothpaste;

5. Interdental space polishing using interproximal strippers (abrasive strips).

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a method of tooth surface hygienic treatment using ultrasound. The operating hand piece (a tip) treats each tooth individually. Exposure to ultrasonic waves can even remove tartar.

The Air-Flow teeth cleaning technique is a hygiene method of polishing the teeth using a concentrated spray of air, fine powder and water, gently cleaning the tooth surface. This method helps slightly brighten the enamel.

Tooth decay prevention

The main cause of caries initiation and progression is dental plaque. It is built up due to poor dental and oral cavity hygiene. For this reason, the professional hygienic tooth cleaning performed by a dental hygienist will be an aesthetic procedure and a reliable strategy for carious lesion prevention.

The tooth cleaning effectively removes soft plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach areas such as the posterior teeth surface and interdental spaces. Routine tooth brushing and flossing cannot provide such dental hygiene.

Professional hygienic tooth cleaning with brightening effect

Together with a therapeutic and general restorative result, professional hygienic tooth cleaning has an excellent aesthetic effect. It helps brighten the tooth enamel by 1-2 tones.

Professional hygienic tooth cleaning copes well even with pronounced and persistent enamel discoloration due to smoking, frequent black tea or coffee drinking. Yellow plaque, usually present on the tooth neck surface closer to the gum line and in the interdental spaces, disappears and therefore those who wish to have a beautiful smile do not have to undergo teeth whitening.

Professional hygienic tooth cleaning is reliable prevention of tooth decay, as well as natural beauty without whitening. After such procedure leads to a pleasantly smooth healthy and shiny appearance. To maintain the beauty, health of teeth and oral cavity, dental professionals recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned 2 times a year.