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Dental implants – a full replacement of the lost root

The destruction of the dental root makes it impossible to install a denture on it. There are two ways to solve the problem of replacing a lost tooth. The first is the installation of a bridge on two adjacent teeth. However, this method is fraught with the fact that over time they will begin to collapse as well, that is installing a bridge only postpones the problem, and this construction can be inconvenient.

The second option is to install dental implants Kiev. Modern technologies of installation allow you to create a reliable basis for the installation of the crown, indistinguishable in sensations from a real tooth. Thanks to the implantation, the patient can forget about the problem for life. Titanium dental implants Kiev are implanted in the jawbone and functionally completely replace the root, which is impossible when installing bridges. The fact is that if there is no load, the bone tissue in the place of the missing tooth begins to atrophy.

Indications for installation of implants

We recommend our patients to install dental implants Kiev as in the absence of single teeth, and in the whole dentition. The implantation technology allows you to install a complete dental arch on just four implants – there is no need to install an implant for each missing tooth.

Dental implants Kiev can be installed at the age after stopping the growth of the skeleton. The design on implants has the highest reliability and will last a lifetime, regardless of the age of the installation. The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia. The material of the implant is titanium, the strongest metal from which the articular prostheses are made. According to statistics, allergy to titanium occurs in approximately 0.01% of patients. If this is your case - we offer equally reliable alternatives from zirconium.

Diagnostics and installation

During your first visit, the doctor will listen to your wishes and conduct a bulk tomography of the maxillofacial department. This will help create a three-dimensional model of the dentition and determine how dense the bone tissue is located at the implantation place. There the location of soft and nerve tissues, blood vessels are visualized, the most appropriate implant place is determined. Then we individually select the implant. After that, you come to us, and we under local anesthesia, install it without any pain.

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