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What is dental implantation, and what are the features of the procedure

A dental implant is a titanium (less commonly from other materials) pin, which is implanted in the jawbone and acts as a complete replacement for the lost dental root. Timely dental implants Kiev reviews allows you to avoid deformation of bone tissue, which, when there is no load, begins to atrophy. Therefore, the sooner you contact us for the installation of the implant after the loss of the root, then the higher the success rate, which is on average 99% for this procedure.

How is the implantation performed

After the initial examination, we will definitely perform a CT scan of the jaw row. Three-dimensional diagnosis helps to accurately determine the shape and density of bone tissue at the place of implantation and determine how best to carry out the procedure.

The installation is performed under local anesthesia. If the patient is willing, and there are no medical contraindications for this, an introduction to medication sleep is possible. After implantation you can install on the implant removable and non-removable prostheses and crowns of your choice.

Features of technology

A single implant install for one missing tooth. If there is missing whole dental arch, are possible installation only four implants for a removable denture of dentition and up to 8 for a non-removable denture. Dental implants Kiev reviews for each individual tooth is not required.

The material for the manufacture of implants is titanium, a hypoallergenic and durable metal. If the patient is allergic to titanium (less than 0.01% of patients), we offer several other options, including zirconium. With the right care, according to a program developed individually for each patient, the implant serves throughout whole life.

Implantation or bridge installation?

Installation of bridge denture on adjacent teeth with a missing tooth is a cheaper procedure than implantation. However, over time, such prosthesis begins to destroy the teeth on which it is installed. As a result, a situation is possible in which prosthetics of the whole dentition will be required. In addition, the bridge can cause inconvenience to the patient - whereas the implant feels just like a native tooth.

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