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Orthodontic treatment using lingual brackets

Our clinic has recently commenced the use of a new and rapidly developing method of orthodontics - the "Incognito" lingual bracket system.

The system envisages tailor made arc and braces for each patient.

All parts are manufactured using the ultra-modern technology of CAD / CAM. A model of the finished product is scanned with a 3-D scanner and the design of braces is then re-constructed by a computer. The result is that the braces and the arc specific for each patient and the individual design is determined by the patient's pathology.

Braces are made of gold and are manufactured on a highly individual platform which fits perfectly with the relevant teeth. Often, the platform attracts the most plaque and hence the formation of cavities is minimised as much as possible. Patients are generally pleased with the location of lingual braces as they are barely visible and do not intrude on a daily or work life of those using them.

Generally, excellent results are achieved for patients who use this system. The additional advantage is that the patients only have to undergo very minimal mechanical treatment the end of the period. This generally involves the doctor making alterations to certain teeth.

As in the vestibular system, the patients should be aware of some side effects during the initial stages of the lingual system. There may be a slight defect in the diction and possibly unclear pronunciation. However, after a short time of adaptation, the patients generally begin to notice that, at the stage of levelling, some teeth alignment has already taken place.

In case of tooth crowding, the "Incognito leit" system is occasionally used. Tooth alignment generally takes from 4 to 8 months. The braces are bonded from tooth to tooth, or premolar to premolar.

In complicated cases, the lingual system may be complemented by additional treatments as is often the case when using the vestibular system.