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Implant rehabilitation of a patient with edentulism due to congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors after orthodontic treatment

A patient after orthodontic treatment turned to the dental clinic with a request to obtain permanent restoration in place of the missing maxillary lateral incisors.

The tooth buds 12, 22 were missing. A diastema was located between the central teeth.

The patient was offered dental implantation together with the surgery to increase bone tissue volume with the subsequent prosthesis.

4 months after the implantation, the patient had her healing caps placed and impressions taken to make all-ceramic veneers for teeth 11 and 21 and zirconia abutments supporting all-ceramic crowns for teeth 12 and 22.

10 days later, the restorations were fixed. The patient was completely satisfied with her all-ceramic tooth restorations. The check-ups show a stable result.