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Full mouth rehabilitation using all-ceramic crowns for a patient with pathological abrasion and complicated tooth decay

A patient who does not live in Ukraine came to the dental clinic wishing to have a beautiful smile. The patient did not like the shape, color, and size of her teeth, which made her feel insecure while having a conversation. The patient had abnormal tooth abrasion and pronounced facial asymmetry. The dentists faced the task of making full moth rehabilitation within a short time frame.

After the full-mouth debridement, temporary crowns for both upper and lower jaws were made. The patient finally approved the shape and color of the teeth, the dentists took the impressions and sent them to the dental laboratory.

8 days later, custom-made all-ceramic crowns were manufactured and fixed in the oral cavity after the fitting.

Full mouth rehabilitation using all-ceramic crowns was performed within a very short time frame and completely satisfied the patient's requirements.