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Beautiful smile with an all-ceramic restoration

A young woman came to our dental clinic wishing to get beautiful teeth and to smile openly.

The task the doctors faced was to perform full-mouth debridement, agree on the teeth shape and colour, and make ceramic restorations for both the upper and lower jaws.

After the patient approved the treatment plan, the dentists proceeded to the hygiene treatment and therapy. Next, temporary dental crowns corresponding to the shape and morphology of the expected teeth were made.

The following step was to take the final impressions and transfer them to the dental laboratory. The dental technicians manufactured the ceramic restorations within 10 days, and after the fitting and the patient's consent, they were fixed in the oral cavity.

The entire rehabilitation process took approximately three weeks after the placement of the all-ceramic restoration.

The patient received a beautiful Hollywood smile and was completely satisfied with the result of dental treatment.