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Implantological treatment of a patient with extensive tooth decay and deep traumatic overbite

A patient came to the dental clinic with a request to improve the appearance of his teeth and get a beautiful “Hollywood smile”.

A physical examination revealed a large number of teeth affected by noticeable and extensive tooth decay, generalized periodontitis, poor hygiene, deep bite, retrusive profile, and traumatic occlusion.

The dentists set the task of changing the dental bite, shape, color, and dentition.

It was also necessary to determine which teeth will be removed. The patient refused from orthodontic treatment. He lives in Italy and could visit the clinic regularly.

We extracted the teeth numbered from 15 to 25 and from 35 to 45. We left only eight molars (16, 17, 26, 27, 36, 37, 46, 47), immediately placed six dental implants into each jaw, and after a few days, we fixed temporary crowns. The remaining teeth were treated and replaced with temporary crowns.

Four months later, the patient had his dental impressions retaken and zirconium screw-retained permanent crowns were manufactured.

The patient was satisfied with the aesthetic and functional outcome of his implant treatment.