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Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry boasts the most up-to-date equipment.

1. Operating chair.
An operating room (area where a number of ambulatory oral manipulations are conducted) differs a dental office by equipment, furniture, hours of work, etc. The operating room in the clinic is equipped with a special ergonomic chair, allowing to undertake prolonged interventions under sedation (surgical sleep). The chair is easy to sterilise and runs autonomously.

2. Operating room lights.
Implantation and osteoplastics require powerful, quality lighting. The operating room is furnished with the surgical light Mach M3 manufactured in Germany.

3. Dental setups.
All treatment and orthopaedic cabinets of the clinic are equipped with the most up-to-date Italian dental setups Stern Weber.

4. Laser setup.
The clinic’s specialists make an extensive use of the Italian neodymium laser DMT for the following manipulations: frenectomy, esthetic gum correction, sterilisation of root canals, in parodontics, etc.

5. Dental microscope.
Our clinic is able to provide dental care using the Seiler Evolution XR6 operating microscope which gives a magnification of 20-30 times. Our specialists in Endodontics (doctors who treat root canals) always use the microscope when performing dental procedures. The use of the microscope allows to preserve the healthy tooth structure during the treatment of cavities and related complications and can help achieve the maximum accuracy and aesthetics when undergoing direct and indirect restorations. During the treatment of cavities' complications the microscope assists with the search for the root canal and facilitates dental work on them (filling).

6. Ultrasonic surgery. 
In recent years, our clinic has begun using very efficient methods of ultrasonic treatments for some low-trauma osteoplastic cases. Our operating unit boasts an Italian ultrasonic device by Mectron, the latest device in such surgery.

7. Clinical set Candulor. 
Clinical set Candulor is a set of auxiliary tools to perfectly position teeth into their correct positions in relation to each other. They also assist with identifying the ideal shape of a tooth and make excellent prosthetic for cases of full or partial loss of teeth.

8. Thanks to computer applications, the clinic’s specialists are able to make a precise treatment plan, correctly space the quantity of implants that you need and make a virtual demonstration of all treatment stages.

Sterilisation in our clinic. 
Sterilisation of instruments, equipment and premises is carried out in accordance with the standards of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Authority (SEA). Each multi-use instrument regularly undergoes several courses of antiseptic treatment, autoclaving and is stored in a sterile environment. The clinic’s sterilisation levels are verified by using indicators of sterilisation quality. SEA also carries out air and instrument sampling once a week to ensure appropriate levels of sterility. In accordance with the standards set by the World Health Organisation, the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry has implemented “Anti-AIDS” and “Anti-Hepatitis B” programs for treatment of its instruments and premises.