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> > Navigation implantation using surgical templates

Navigation implantation using surgical templates

Implant treatment is the best solution in cases where teeth are irrepairably damaged. If implants are placed correctly, they will serve and function as real teeth throughout the patient's lifetime.

In order to achieve this result, our doctors spend a considerable amount of time planning the details of treatments involving dental implants.

Correct planning and placement of dental implants is greatly assisted by a new 3-D program, SMOP (made in Switzerland), which allows doctors to predict the result of the treatment before it commences. Custom made surgical templates, especially created for each patient in accordance with this personalised plan, allow the doctor to accurately place the implants without the need for any incisions.

The SMOP programme developed by the dentistry department of the University of Zurich is the main basis for the University's navigation implantology (

The process of placing implants is, in each case, strictly supervised by the specialists in the dentistry department in Switzerland.  Swissmeda engineering department develops own design templates for implants and dental fixtures. In complex cases, we are able to obtain formal opinions from some of the leading dentists of the University of Zurich.


Situation at the time of patient's oral treatment in the clinic


Surgical template «Guide», manufactured the using 3 -D programme SMOP (Switzerland)

  Ceramic implants and crowns made for the Patient

____________________________   ____________________________   ____________________________


The use of the navigation implantation procedure with surgical SMOP templates often allows the full use of the patient's remaining bone tissue, so that there is no need to further increase bone density. However, in cases of severe bone loss we resort to bone grafting. 
Due to the risk of infections and allergic reactions to the material used to create bone tissue, it is advised that the patient's own bone is taken from the relevant areas of the patient's jaws. Alternatively, a combination of the autologous (own bone) and the products of Biomet 3i, one of the best osteoplastic material producers in the US, can be used. Our clinic employs the latest techniques in tissue engineering and development of human growth factors that can be derived from patient's own blood.
Benefits of undergoing an implant treatment at our clinic and using this system:

1. Implants will be placed with perfect precision. Consequently, the implants provide a long-term solution for a patient and will last thoughout the patient's lifetime. 

2. We are able to place implants at an accurate angle in relation to future teeth. This has important implications for the functioning of the implants and the aesthetic result of the procedure.

3. We are able to avoid any injury to blood vessels and nerves, which can be a serious complication.

4. Because of this method, the implantation can be performed without any surgical incisions and subsequent peeling and healing of the mouth tissue. By using this approach, only minimal pain and swelling is experienced. The surgical procedure itself is significantly shorter compared to a conventional treatment.

5. Correctly placed implants allow for the creation of an ideally suitable dental prosthetic fixture which is then attached to the implants. Patients generally find it easy to look after such a prosthetic.
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