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Hygienist services

A preventative treatment is necessary to maintain healthy teeth, gums, mouth and throat. Our goal is to create and maintain a healthy oral environment. The amount of bacteria that causes tooth decay and periodontal disease will be greatly reduced with regular visits to a dental hygienist. At our clinic, following a careful oral study, each patient can be provided with an individually designed programme which will aim to restore and/or maintain their oral health.

The patient said he had last visited
a dental hygienist three years
previously. A substantial plaque
build-up was visible on the teeth
and soft tissue. A further examination
revealed the first stages of
periodontal disease, caused by a lack
of dental care and non-attendance
of hygienic appointments



    The result of a hygienic cleaning



Components of a preventative treatment are determined by carefully examining the problem areas of a mouth. For example, undertaking a colour test on teeth, whereby the dental hygienist will determine the degree of contamination by dental plaque, will allow the hygienist to select the correct hygiene products. The use of these hygiene products will be explained during a hygiene lesson. Additionally, a dental hygienist can treat superficial cavities (remove dark spots on teeth).


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Our clinic also offers a professional dental cleaning. The procedure concentrates on the removal of any hardened deposits on teeth with an machine scaling technology, root polishing using hand scailing and dental plaque removal undertaken by the Air-flow system. The process will be finished with a tooth cleaning using professional tooth pastes and special interdental strips.


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Regular preventative measures will help you realise the dream of a beautiful and healthy smile.

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