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Teeth implantation

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial construction that replaces the lost tooth root and is implanted into the bone tissue of the upper or lower jaw. It could act as a post for the implant crown, or as removable or non-removable dental prosthesis.

имплантация зубов Киев

An integrated implant with
a tooth crown


In today’s dentistry, the most widely used implants are those made from titanium. There are several reasons why dental specialists prefer this material:

  • Titanium is compatible with human body. Apart from dental implants, this material is used for manufacturing artificial heart valves and joints. Titanium is hypoallergenic. Allergic reactions are extremely rare (1 incident per 10,000);
  • Jaw bone tissue grows into the titanium implant; this process is called osseointegration. Thanks to unique properties of titanium, bone tissue does not dissolve in the extraction socket, but grows and retains the natural pattern;
  • Titanium implants do not cause discomfort. Patients perceive them as if they were their own teeth.

Why install dental implants?

We always recommend that our patients replace removed teeth with dental implants.; Otherwise, the bone tissue could get atrophied after the extraction due to the absence of any chewing load. When the implant is installed, the load is distributed as before, and the sockets are not lost.

An alternative to implants is dental bridge work. However, when installing bridges, the adjacent healthy teeth are often affected. As a result, there is a risk of bone tissue loss, as well as risk of destruction of healthy tooth tissues.

имплантация зубов клиника

Diagnosis: generalized periodontitis,
partial tooth loss in the lower jaw,
grade II/III mobility of the

remaining teeth


импланты киев

Treatment plan: removal of the
teeth with grade  III tooth mobility.
Installing a temporary construction
for the period of engraftment of
the implant resting on the remaining
teeth. Installation of 8 implants and
subsequent manufacturing of a
cermet construction with a screw



имплантация зубов в киеве

X-ray image: eight implants
were installed; a temporary
construction resting on the
remaining teeth was mounted on


зубные импланты киев

A cermet construction is installed
in the lower and upper jaws. In the
lower jaw, the lost pattern of gums
is completely restored thanks to
the application of a composite



имплантация зубов клиника

As a result of prosthetics, we
managed to achieve a perfect
balance between functional and
aesthetic qualities



имплантация зубов цена киев

The patient is happy with the final


имплантация зубов киев отзывы        

Completed work

Find out more about dental implants from an article by the head doctor of our clinic.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction, regardless of complexity, is a standard procedure in our clinic.

According to the recent studies, during the first four months after tooth extraction, alveolar bone loss occurs in 60% of cases. This process considerably complicates rehabilitation of the toothless area. On the one hand, bone loss makes it difficult to perform implant procedures and prosthetics. On the other, it could also affect aesthetic look of the teeth and soft tissues.

In our clinic, we apply different methods to preserve the sockets after tooth extraction. Depending on the clinical indicators, we successfully use the latest technologies aimed at soft tissue preservation, including DBBM Collagen, Collagen matrix and tissue punch technique.

dental implants in Kiev

Applying DBBM Collagen and tissue punch technique to preserve
the socket spaces after tooth extraction


dental implants Kiev

DBBM Collagen is placed in the
extraction socket and covered with
soft tissues


Better quality of life

Lack of tooth or use of poor-quality, poorly adjusted prostheses creates considerable discomfort and could cause different problems, both in terms of appearance and health.

A prosthesis attached to dental implants has some clear advantages, including:

  • an aesthetic outer look;
  • no issues with pronunciation;
  • protection against high chewing loads;
  • sustainability.

All-on-4 ® Treatment Concept

With All-on-4 ® treatment concept, our patients could benefit from the attachment of an orthopedic construction immediately after the implantation procedure.

импланты киев

Adjusting an orthopedic construction
immediately after installation of

the implants

Using a surgical template, we successfully apply this method that allows to avoid mistakes and complications.

Advantages of the method:

  • the whole dental arch rests on four implants only;
  • no need to increase bone tissue;
  • this procedure is performed in a single stage since the immediate chewing load is recommended and brings immediate results;
  • in comparison with removable constructions, non-removable ones are much more convenient in daily use and daily care;
  • effectiveness of this method was scientifically proven.
имплантация зубов в киеве   зубные импланты киев   имплантация зубов цена киев

A woman had partial tooth loss in the upper jaw. She wished to have a non-removable orthopedic construction installed



Examination shows there is no sufficient bone tissue it the upper jaw



A semi-removable orthopedic construction resting on 4 implants has been installed. (A semi-removable construction is any construction with a screw retention)




имплантация зубов киев отзывы        

Completed work

Preparing for dental implants. Computer-navigated implantation.

In our clinic, we pay special attention to a thorough preparation, 3D diagnostics and computer-navigated implantation. This approach allows us to secure the best and, importantly, sustainable results.

Before a surgical intervention, we study a patient's tomogram. A three-dimensional image accurately shows the jaws anatomy, nerves, blood vessels, and helps to determine the ideal position for an implant. Volumetric tomography also allows for the measurement of the bone tissue density.


имплантация зубов Киев

Three-dimensional tomogram  

Software that we use in the clinic allows an implant surgeon to position a dental implant with high precision, both in surgical and orthopedic terms. For dental implants positioning, we use surgical templates. This method allows to achieve an optimal balance between stability and aesthetics.

имплантация зубов Киев

Using a Swiss-developed SMOP software in preparation for dental implants   




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