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Whitening Zoom Advanced Power

There are two whitening methods:

  • whitening in the clinic – during one hour, using a whitening gel and a diode lamp.
  • whitening at home – a patient whitens his/her teeth at home, using an individual kappa and a whitening gel.

Whitening Zoom Advanced Power is light assisted tooth whitening gel for use in lightening discolored teeth. The gel should be applied to the front surface of all visible teeth for thee 15-minute sessions, after the oral cavity has been isolated.

The Zoom Advanced Power procedure is proven to produce an average change of 8 shades of whitening. The Zoom Advanced Power is most effective on yellow and brown stained teeth that have never been whitened before, but can be used for whitening most types of stains.

It is recommended that all patients receive an oral prophylaxis prior to their tooth whitening appointment.


Before tooth whitening


After tooth whitening, using the Zoom system. Within one hour the colour of the teeth was changed to 7 shades lighter. The patient was satisfied with the result

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