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> > Until the end of May - 40% off a professional dental cleaning!

Until the end of May - 40% off a professional dental cleaning!

Special offer! Valid until the end of May - 40% off the price of a professional dental cleaning! TOTAL PRICE 300 UAH.

A wide and brilliant smile is one of the symbols of attractiveness and beauty. In order to achieve and maintain naturally white teeth it is necesary to visit a dentist on a regular basis (at least twice a year). During your visit, the doctor will assess your oral health and undertake relevant hygiene procedures, including the removal of all hard and soft deposits and cleaning of parts which are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. Every tooth is covered with an invisible film which attracts various deposits and may lead to teeth appearing yellow or brown. The deposits can be due to food colorings (tea , coffee, wine, etc), smoking or as a result of particular health issues or a lifestyle of the client.

The oral cleaning procedure undertaken in our clinic involves the following steps:

— Examination and consultation with a dentist.
— Colour test to determine the deposits.
— Ultrasonic removal of deposits and tartar.
— Air Flow.
— Gum cleaning.
— Cleaning between teeth.
— Polishing with a professional tooth surface paste.
— Coating of teeth to remove sensitivities.

Maintenance of oral hygiene helps to retain healthy teeth, gums, mouth and throat. The amount of bacteria that may cause tooth decay and periodontal diseases will be greatly reduced.

The main advantages of dental cleaning are:

— Teeth become noticible lighter.
— Reduction of tooth sensitivities.
— Reduction in the risk of dental decay and periodontal diseases, oral diseases and problems with the
    gastrointestinal tract.
— Beautiful brilliantly white smile all year round.

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